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A brand I’ve watched with much interest and admiration is Help Remedies from the US. From the very start Help has demonstrated a clear vision on how to stand-out from their competitors in everything they do. And with their latest brand gesture, the opening of a pop-up pharmacy in Washington, D.C. Help have once again put daylight between then and the rest of the market.

The pop-up Help Shop offers products that alleviate common illnesses like headaches and nausea. The pop-up store opens for four weeks, giving the public a place to come experience the brand and learn more about Help Remedies and over-the-counter medication.

The Help Shop hosts a number of unique and rich brand experience events that offer unique remedies for some modern-day ills, such as a fortune teller for ‘help I’m worried about the future’ and a relationship coach for ‘help I’m having an argument with my spouse.’ The Help Shop also features ‘living windows’, including a man in high heels on a treadmill demonstrating ‘help I have a blister’, and someone in a spinning desk chair for ‘help I’m nauseous.’ On certain evenings a ‘Night Pharmacy’ bar will offer alcoholic balms with their own range of cocktails to alleviate the kind of ailments that plague us all at this time of the year.

As a brand, Help Remedies really understand the power of leveraging their brand assets across everything they do. It all starts with a great brand name – Help Remedies is ready made for great branding – but many-a great brand name has been left to flounder with no support. Help Remedies genuinely own ‘Help’ in their market and make the most of that from their packaging design to their marketing campaigns and now their retail store branding. Help have a strong and unique brand voice and a visual brand language to match in what is typically a conservative, me-too market. Below is a collection of our favorite ‘Help’ brand expressions. Explore, enjoy and be inspired to create a brand that stands out from the pack.

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Chief Cre­ator of Brands

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