The Nelson Mandella monument – A masterclass in creating stunning precinct brand statements

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Creating Places with Meaning
At Truly Deeply we spend much of our lives developing brands for places. Whether planned residential developments, apartment developments, retirement living communities, commercial developments and precincts, regions or cities, developing a visual property that is truly defining and meaningful is always a key to meeting the challenges of such projects. The National monument in Natal Midlands by sculptor Marco Cianfanelli, South Africa marks the site of Nelson Mandella’s capture. The artwork provides a stunning sense of meaning for the site, which is otherwise nondescript. This monument reminds us that the point where imaginative form intersects with a deeper meaning is a powerful asset in the design of any precinct brand. More pics of the monument after the jump…

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There are two defining dimensions of this piece of precinct branding;
• Firstly, it’s the meaning of the connection between Mandella, his story and the place that creates such a powerful emotional statement. Few development branding projects come with this kind-of story-telling potential, but to a lesser extent, there is always a story to be told, a connection to be made. The task is to create something evocative and symbolic to create a focal point that defines the place.
• Secondly, the designed form of the statement cannot be underestimated. In this ripping example, it is the perspective from which the monument is viewed that makes sense. When approaching from different directions this piece of art looks interesting, but it is not until viewed from the intended perspective that it makes sense. As with all precincts, this reveal from multiple perspectives is a useful and valuable design tool.

Images courtesy of Marco Cianfanelli via Jonathan Burton

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Dave Ansett
Chief Cre­ator of Brands

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