A little Christmas pick me up

As the festive season hits we all need a little jolt to get the juices flowing. A bit of yang to get things balanced. Round here nothing much gets done ‘till the first coffees are sorted. Such is our love for our favourite morning upper that this year we dropped a tidy bundle on some proper pro cafe kit.  Now with our shiny new works we can grind fresh, draw strong and froth lightly to produce some quality brew. The beans, from our friends over at Seven Seeds, are delivered fresh whenever we need a re-up. To celebrate the festive season, and the new addition to the TD family, we created little Pick Me Up and Kick Me Up packs.

For those evenings when you need a sly zing, some yule-tide ying-a-ding-ding after a long day of yang. There’s nothing classier than an Espresso Martini. The thinking man’s red bull and vodka, it’s got the grunt to get you where you need to be while ensuring you look the biz gettin’ there. To make sure you look the part you’ll need a cocktail shaker and some martini glasses, but you’ll be amazed what you can do with a keep cup or a lunch box.

If it’s all gettin’ a bit much and you feel the tweaks coming on, follow the path of the dude and down your up with a White Russian. Just replace the coffee with milk and mellow it 
out man.

White Russian
Pour the shot of vodka and Kahlúa over ice and add fresh cold milk. Get cosy in your cardi with your milk mo knowing the dude abides.

Espresso Martini
Throw a shot of espresso, a shot of vodka and a shot of Kahlúa into a cocktail shaker full of ice. Give it a good rattle and pour into a martini glass and top with three coffee beans for luck or some nonsense. Get into it.

From the team at Truly Deeply, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and we’ll look forward to catching up for a coffee in the new year.

Nikki Williams
Director of Brand Projects


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