Better Coffee – The Incredible Power of Recommendation

The Power a Recommendation
We all know how crucial and personal our morning coffee from our favorite cafe’ is to ones mental state. That feeling of walking into the cafe’, stumbling our way to the counter, mumbling our order to the more hipster behind the counter, and fumbling through your wallet for what little money you have. This morning ritual is almost as important as getting up in the morning, it is a second awaking! It is personal!

On that note… I must admit that recently I have changed the cafe’ that I go to in the morning. Yes that’s right, you heard correctly…after a long love affair with the cafe’ (DEAD), I have moved up the road to another well established coffee house (NEW).

This move wasn’t easy for me, and to be honest, in retrospect, has been a long time coming. But yet, in the mist of walking up to NEW, I have mixed feelings. One of guilt, and one naughtiness. Lets face it, the time for change had come.

Personal rituals such as getting your morning coffee can be broken at anytime, and all it took for my eyes to wonder was a recommendation from a friend I trust. Recommendations from the people we trust can be the facilitator we need for action and change. The same can be said in the world of business, if you feel like you are in a business ritual rut, ask around, you never know, you may find your way to better coffee.

Tim Wood
Design Creative



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