Another Brilliant Guerrilla Travel Brand Experience – Take a look at Brussels

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A Brilliant New Brand Campaign of the French National Railway.
Last year we wrote a blog on a brilliant tourism campaign for the French National Railway called the Escape machine (you can check it here). What we loved so much about the guerrilla campaign was the way it captured the spirit and excitement of traveling to new destinations, and rolled-it up into an engaging brand gesture. Well the clever folks at FNR and their agency TBWA/Paris have done it again with another piece of guerrilla branding. ‘Take a Look at Brussels’ is all about communicating FNR’s new direct line between Lyon and Brussels.

On a recent morning, passers-by in Lyon discovered a 3m high cube standing in Place de la République with a single peep-hole and the message; “Take a look at Brussels“painted on the side. When they looked through the hole, they were connected directly with the people of Belgium’s capital city, Brussels through a ‘teleportation’ device that uses satellite technology to make it all happen in real time, giving a genuine sense of being there. During two days, hundreds of inhabitants of Lyon got caught up by the game and, to their surprise, found themselves thrown in Brussels, received live from Mont des Arts by the Mayor, his official band and a bunch of locals creating a rich sense of Belgian hospitality.

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As with all great guerrilla marketing, beyond the hundreds touched by the campaign in real life, thirty thousand more have watched it on Youtube, as well as on French and Belgian news services, news and leisure websites and through a digital PR campaign involving major blogs in the Lyon region.

At a time when more and more brands continue to communicate with the market in a similar manner, it is those which choose to take a risk, stand out from the crowd and do something different such as this campaign who will truly get a return for their investment in the immediate term, but also stand the best chance of building valuable brand equity in the longer term.

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