What's on the Menu? The big Food Trends for 2013

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Food Trends For FMCG & Retail Brands
The Sterling-Rice Group in the US has tapped into their network of more than 100 world renowned chefs, restaurateurs and food experts to identify the top food trends we can expect to see on restaurant menus, in our quick serve food retailers and on supermarket shelves next year. With health and global the two big top-of-mind concerns for consumers, look for these food trends to go big next year as they move from cutting-edge to mainstream…

Sour gets its day
Fermented cherry juice and sour beer? In 2013, yes, as food palates move beyond sweet, salty and fatty to tart, acidic,
and bitter.

Chefs watch your weight
Chefs are changing their habits and exchanging their butter and bacon for broth and beets. The result, better-for-you food that actually tastes good.

Asian influence
The spicy and fresh flavors of Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea will give consumers a new take on comfort food.

Veggies Take Over the Plate
No longer prepared as just a side or salad, vegetables will get their chance to star as the main dish.

Kids’ menus grow up
Mac and Cheese and chicken nuggets take a backseat to kid-friendly versions of adult dining options.

Emerging Artisans
With the emergence of local artisans budding in cities across America, why fly to Paris when you can go to Philly? Foodies can think globally, but travel locally.

Small plates
Small plates for sharing will be replaced with smaller, singular servings of meat, veggies, or starches – for a truly customized dining experience.

Savory Fruit
Look for fruit used with savory flavors, incorporated as a touch in appetizers, soups, and meat dishes.

No diner left behind
From gluten-free to vegan, more and more restaurants will offer all-inclusive menus and services to accommodate
all eaters.

Popcorn is THE snack of 2013:
Sweet or savory, the all-time favorite (and healthy) snack will pop up everywhere – in ice cream, as croutons.

SRG’s 2013 Top Ten Food Trends were compiled with the expertise of SRG’s culinary council – a team of more than 100 famous chefs, restaurateurs, and foodies – and feature examples of cutting-edge restaurants and brands leading the way for each trend. An extension of Culinary Shifts™, SRG’s proprietary research based on key societal shifts driving long-term food trends, the predictions provide insight for food industry companies to better develop, position, market, and sell food products. For a complete look at SRG’s 2013 Top Ten Food Trends visit http://www.srg.com/permanent/2012/10/2013-culinary-predictions.
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