GMHBA, a brand dedicated to building healthy communities

Smart Local Brand Sponsoring. GMHBA Lorne Pier to Pub 2013. Photography by Mark Chew.

Smart Local Brand Sponsoring. GMHBA Lorne Pier to Pub 2013. Photography by Mark Chew.

It’s not every day that we get to work with a client who lives and breathes their brand like GMHBA do.  The local Victorian health insurer are committed to being at the heart of healthy communities and their latest sponsorship of the Lorne Pier to Pub was another example of this commitment.

A leading Australian not-for-profit health fund, GMHBA has a proud heritage of more than 75 years. The fund has 200,000 members across Australia, is the fourth largest health insurer in Victoria and the ninth in Australia.  GMHBA members have a genuine personal connection to the brand and are passionate about the brand and its role in the community.  Lorne’s Pier to Pub is an iconic event in Victoria with thousands of eager athletes hitting the water.  As part of the organisation’s commitment to building stronger, healthier communities across Australia, GMHBA were not only providing fresh fruit to competitors and spectators but were also helping to raise money for the Lorne Life Saving Club by having attendees jump onto exercise bikes and asking them to ride as hard as they can for five minutes as the screen calculated the kilometres gained as the team raised around Victoria.  The Lorne Surf Life Saving Club is one of Australia’s proudest surf life saving clubs.  As an organisation, it reflects everything GMHBA believes in – a local community based group that celebrates and enables healthy communities.

GMHBA employed photographer, Mark Chew to be on hand to photograph the event and the team interacting with the community around them.  As our Creative Director Derek Carroll mentioned in his blog two weeks ago, in addition to the wonderful images gained at the event, we also have a short movie of the event for you to enjoy.  What makes this movie so special is not only does it deliver a wonderful piece of brand communications, but it was actually produced by a VCE student looking to capture the day’s activities.  Mark Chew’s son, Archie, is a budding film director who’s passion for film and photography is clearly evident in this wonderful short film.  After seeing the film, I’m sure you will agree that Archie has a wonderful future ahead of him, and GMHBA were certainly thrilled to have him on site.


To view more of Archie’s work, visit his Vimeo page here.

Nikki Williams
Director of Brand Projects

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