Engaging Layers in Wine Packaging Design


Bottle shops are one of my favourite places to seek out for inspiration. No, I’m not an alcoholic. It’s because of all the beautiful wine package design on the shelves, which is hard to not fall in love with. There’s one particular design I truly love ­ – the Yalumba’s Y Series. The package design caught my attention first (actually… every time I visit the bottle shop) but when I took a closer look, I found more than mere beautiful design. The idea behind the brand design and the use of brand language is engaging.

Yalumba is one of the oldest Australian family-owned wineries. Their Y Series expresses their lively personality and colourful 160-plus-year history. One element in their brand language that excites me is how they tell their story through their wine package design.


Here are some examples of how their story goes:

Bottle 1
… This Merlot depicts a winery dog. It could be a Flash, a Nugget or an Archie type dog. With its wet nose, soft fur and sparkling, clear eyes, the dog is a reminder of loyal and long term relationships, a hallmark of the Yalumba culture…

Bottle 2
… The Shiraz depicts our coopers toiling in our cooperage crafting magnificent oak barrels, a proud Yalumba tradition in a wine world that has previous few of these truly gifted artisans…

Cooper is someone who makes wooden staved vessels, bound together with hoops and possessing flat ends or heads.
Cooperage is the premises of Cooper.

Bottle 3
… This Cabernet Sauvignon depicts the scarecrow, our ‘guardians of abundance’, who keep a watchful eye over our ripening grapes and our community during the biennial Vintage Festival…


This wine package design made me reflect on the use of design as a tool for brand communications.  Brand design is a truly powerful tool used to engage brands with their customers. Being merely beautiful for the eye is never enough – it’s easy to forget what we’ve just seen. To add to beautiful package design engaging brand language provides more insights into the winery and a stronger platform for building customer relationships. At a more functional level I also appreciate the small tag in the design for their customers to peel off if they wish to remember the name of the product.

So what’s the name of the wine again?

Hang Io
Learner of Brands… and enthusiastic intern

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