Porsche's targeted brand presence


While attending one of our global E3 agency network meetings in Boston USA in the later part of 2012, I was exposed to a really targeted brand presence initiative by Porsche. During a post afternoon session I was out for a quick walk and happened past a bustling Four Seasons hotel. A busy doorman working the car traffic and keeping people happy. But sitting along the action was three brand new Porsche cars. All stunning beasts, the sporty 911 Carrera, the rather exotic looking Panamera and the masculine Cayenne.

What is interesting is that Porsche was seemingly renting a bit of Four Seasons real estate to get in front of their target market. Each of the cars had a specifications sheet attached with a price. It was a clever way to get exposure to the right audience and the inclusion of some key facts and a price made the Porsche brand presence a more informing one, rather than simply parking the cars there. It was a reminder of the need for all brands to work a little more laterally when thinking through how to communicate where their target market is, rather than where they may be.

Porsche-2 Porsche-3 Porsche

Porsche has a race-inspired principle that it works to with its cars, and that is achieving maximum output from minimum input. The Four Seasons brand positioning is a good example of applying the same principle to its marketing.

My business partner Dave has staying in as many Four Seasons he can around the world on his bucket list (and he is being quite conscientious about it!). Fortunately he was not with me at the time, as owning a stable of Porsche cars may well have gone right to the top of that bucket list.

Peter Singline
Brand Scientist

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