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Resparkle brand in store

Every once and a while, a brand enters the market with a truly special proposition.  Earlier this year, we launched our new packaging for one such brand – TOM Organic.  Australian made and owned, reSparkle is Australia’s first range of cleaning products that are 100% natural, safe and chemical free.  reSparkle was founded on the belief that ‘going green’ shouldn’t mean that you should have to compromise on cleaning quality.

reSparkle challenge consumers to rethink the way they currently clean by asking them to question their current cleaning products.  Traditionally when you buy cleaning products, the liquid inside the bottle is made up of 5% detergent and 95% water and plastic.  Now imagine a world where you could buy only the 5% that matters.  Surely this would lead to cost savings as well as a reduction in packaging wastage?  The team at reSparkle certainly thought so, and as a result, have created the reSparkle refill pod which is full of cleaning concentrate, which when mixed with water in a reSparkle bottle is as potent as a traditional cleaner. By reusing the bottle, refilling with the little pod, customers are helping to reduce the amount of waste produced and doing their part to ‘reSparkle the world’.  A powerful idea.

“We were invited to help bring the brand to life and from the outset it was clear that we needed to develop a really clean, simple and honest visual language for the packaging.  Something that placed the products at a premium but still clearly displayed their environmental credentials.  Using a strong primary colour palette, with plenty of white space, we think we achieved a clean and efficient, premium product look and feel.” Derek Carroll, Truly Deeply Creative Director.




reSparkle is currently stocked at the EcoShop in Chadstone so make sure to pop in if you are in the fashion capital and if you too are interested in challenging your market, or simply need great looking packaging design, why not give us a call?

Nikki Williams
Director of Brand Projects


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