How to bring a local brand to life


We always encourage our clients to find interesting relevant to promote their brand. So when we found out our Client GMHBA, a local Victorian Health Insurer, was going to become the main sponsor for Lorne Pier to Pub we were delighted. As an organisation that prides itself in being at the heart of healthy communities it was a perfect meeting for corporate and community.

Align your brand promotion with community needs

As a regionally based, not for profit organisation getting GMHBA involved in an event that is a celebration of health and wellbeing and is the heart of a small local community like Lorne (which balloons out to thousands for the event) and is just down the (Great Ocean) road from GMHBA’s home town of Geelong is a perfect match. Connecting to the community you’re trying to reach in an appropriate and relevant way get’s harder and harder as our world gets noisier and noisier. More brands competing for smaller audiences through traditional medium cannot be the answer.

So finding an event where you can put your market resources behind a community initiative that is relevant and appropriate for your audience is a great way to better leverage those marketing dollars. You’ll need to make sure your resourced to make the most of it, exploiting every opportunity and documenting it all for further promotion and as a proof point that your brand does what it says.

Document all brand activity

We persuaded GMHBA to get some budget and have our friend Mark Chew on hand to photograph an event that firmly places them at the heart of a healthy community. So not only did they reap the benefit on the day but they get to tell the world just what sort of brand they are. Here’s just a selection of the great pics he took (and stay tuned I hear there’s a short movie of the event coming):

Derek Carroll
Creative Director of Brands

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