Demystifying Digital for Brands – Google+ or Google-?

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There has been a little bit of talk recently online with respect to Google+ after it was revealed last week that a third of all Google employees haven’t updated their Google+ account in the last month.

The survey shows that nearly quarter part of their total employees had no public posts done in Google+ for the past three months, and nearly one eighth of the employees have not placed public posts in the past six months. And this being the year of the Social Media Election in America, Obama’s team chose not to post a message on the network after his landslide victory on Tuesday night. The ‘Four more Years’ image that was posted on twitter subsequently became the  most ‘shared’ image in the history of social media.

So what gives?

Perhaps Google’s push to make Google+ the new cool ‘kid on the block’ among other social media sites has had it’s day. Many businesses collect more leads and business breaks through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn compared to Google+.  It is also being suggested that the +1 button doesn’t affect site ranking like initially advertised.

An interesting quote from Jeff Bullas at adds  “Google+’s engagement levels are so low that [they] actually rank behind MySpace and almost any other significant social network you want to mention” only 70% of users who make a public post, for example, ever make a second one. To add insult to injury in the ‘engagement department’, Bullas says that the average Google+ post has “less than one +1, less than one reply, and less than one re-share.”

On a personal level haven’t posted in there for months but can’t necessarily put a finger on why. Maybe I got lazy to involve myself in a new social network. Maybe I prefer the higher rate of engagement on facebook and twitter or maybe the brand Google to me, means ‘Search, Analytics and Web Tools’ and the association to Social is just not there!

This post was writ­ten by Chris Ongarello, Man­ag­ing Direc­tor of Dig­i­tal White­board.
Dig­i­tal White­board was estab­lished to help busi­nesses and brands under­stand and lever­age the power of the dig­i­tal land­scape. Focus­ing on con­cept and strat­egy to deliver mea­sur­able (ROI). Dig­i­tal White­board achieve this by work­ing with enthu­si­as­tic peo­ple who share a com­mon goal to cre­ate amaz­ing inno­v­a­tive solu­tions to challenges.

From  our own perspective, digital brand communications are like every other channel to market. If a brands’ customers aren’t watching TV, then why would we run TVCs as part of the marketing mix? We simply wouldn’t. Google’s status in the online world is remarkable, they are possibly the most powerful market leader in any category with an incredible influence on our behavior. But the lack of take-up for Google+ suggests their influence isn’t all pervading. In the unique space of social media, success can’t be masterminded in isolation from mass acceptance by a social community, and the laws that govern that acceptance are not as straight forward as Google would have liked.

Like Truly Deeply, Dig­i­tal White­board are part of E3, the global net­work of inde­pen­dent brand­ing, mar­ket­ing and dig­i­tal agen­cies. As the offi­cial E3 agency for Liecht­en­stein, Dig­i­tal White­board has direct access to over 500 inter­na­tional spe­cial­ists. They get unique know-how and global insights from dif­fer­ent mar­kets, sec­tors and dis­ci­plines. Depend­ing on need they inte­grate E3 inter­na­tional spe­cial­ists into their projects.

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