Research shows well-designed Annual Reports add 70% to perceptions of stock value

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Annual Report Design ROI
At Truly Deeply we’ve been working with organizations to maximise the value of their shareholder reporting for more than twenty years. Based on a wealth of research we have developed a comprehensive framework to provides a best practice guide to those tasked with putting together their organization’s annual report (you can request a copy of our framework for shareholder reporting here). Based-on our own expertise we have long believed that professionally designed reports increase the likelihood of being read and provide a strong sense of professionalism to the content. We have always advocated the ability to clearly and evocatively communicate themes such as business performance, trust, solidity, innovation through the design of an annual report provides a more than ample return on the investment made in having an agency like Truly Deeply design your annual report.

Research recently released from the United States has borne-out our beliefs and proven us to be conservative. The research conducted by the University of Miami and the UCLA Anderson School of Management found that on the basis of a professionally designed annual report alone, respondents priced the stock of a company 70% higher than the same companies identical report that had been designed to a lesser standard.

Truly Deeply founder David Ansett was asked his perspetive on the study recently in an article on the subject written by¬†Myriam Robin for online business mag; ‘Leading Company’. You can read the full article and David’s perspective here:

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