Bicycled – A Cycling Brand with a Higher Purpose


A Bold reason for Being
There’s a reoccurring theme been playing out in recent posts, which is the recognition of brands who have clarity around their higher purpose – a reason for being that goes beyond the commercial transaction they have with client and customer. The concept of a higher purpose is one we typically associate with not-for-profit brands such as The Livestrong Foundation we wrote about yesterday, but that perspective ignores the impact the same mindset can have on any brand in any category.

Lola Madrid are an ad agency based in Spain. They are a professional services firm in a super competitive environment who have got their head around the concept of a higher purpose. In their case it is a project called ‘Bicycled’ where they set-put to create the perfect, sustainable cycle.


In their own words; ‘Is this the perfect bike? Cars go to the junkyard and we recycle them to create the most efficient, ecological and healthy mean of transportation.’ And like all good causes, Bicycled has a manifesto of sorts that dovetails into the agency’s own creative philosophy:

• Bicycled is not only an idea, it’s a way of life
• Because we are concerned about where the world is going now, at Lola Madrid we believe it’s always better to do than to say. So before talking about the perfect bike, we decided to create it.
• Respect the environment and also the bikers.
• Every product we create is based on a consumer insight, that’s also based on an emotion. In this case, the emotion bikers feel when they ride a bike that was made out of wasted cars.
• We are all bikers.
• Lola hasn’t got a special product development department. Our products come from the minds of the same group of talented creatives working for our famous global clients.
• Helping bring back balance to society.
• Bicycled is not only a new type of bike, it is also a return to the roots of biking. It’s a handmade bike created specially by bicycle shop owners. Those fantastic creatures that are about to become extinct.
• Making uniqueness a product
• Because every Bicycled is made out of real car parts, there won’t be two of a kind. That’s the key to a product designed to use as much car waste as it can.




We love the energy, imagination, and big thinking from the guys at Lola Madrid and encourage owners and managers of brands, no-matter what size to stop and contemplate what higher purpose they may be able to hitch their business and brand to. This approach is a sure strategy for creating real and sustainable differentiation for your brand – and who knows you may even start a revolution.

Dave Ansett
Chief Cre­ator of Brands
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