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At Truly Deeply, we work across a wide range of industries from food and beverage to real estate and everything in between.  As a result, we are constantly looking for ways for our clients to differentiate themselves, and to help them add value to their customers.  For many clients, we look outside the box to come up with brand gestures that help them stand apart while still remaining true to their brand’s essence and broader beliefs and values.  In our search for inspiration, we came across a little brand called Corkers which struck a cord.

Corkers are the ingenious result of a design collaboration between Oded Friedland and Reddish Studio for Monkey Business.  They are essentially push pins that you can prick into wine/champagne corks to turn them into little creatures. The options are Monkey, Deer, Buffalo, Bear, Bunny and Crow. The beauty of these little items are that they not only provide novelty value but they have also have a genuine reason for being.  They add value to both customers and wine makers.  They add value to customers by adding another dimension to wine consumption by transforming left over corks into an opportunity to create fun creatures.  The added value doesn’t stop there, they also offer wine makers the opportunity to add Corkers into their point of sale packaging.











As many of you know, our own Truly Deeply identity contains illustrations depicting animals ‘reimagined’ using part of existing animals.  These illustrations are the part of our identity that really brings the brand to life. They’re magical, intriguing and have an artistic quality. There’s a different one on everybody’s business cards making them a natural talking point. For me, it’s their ability to be interpreted, sometimes in surprising ways, that keeps them fresh and entertaining.  Having a team focused on reimagining brands means it was only a matter of time before we started creating our own unique Corker animals.



If you want help adding value to your brand or simply want to tell us about your own Corker creation, why not give us a call?

Nikki Williams
Director of Brand Projects and Corker enthusiast

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