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We may be a Melbourne based agency, but we have a great love and empathy with South Australia.  Over the years we have been engaged with some wonderful people and brands, from the Eyre Peninsula regional brand (with its amazing seafood and entrepreneurial spirit) through to legends in the wine industry like Peter Lehman in the Barossa Valley.  Add to this the Coffin Bay Oyster farm and surely you are already beginning to sketch a mental picture of a state that gives birth to an amazing array of produce and wine.

Throw into the mix the tourist and cultural experiences on offer and you begin to get a sense of a place that is abundant and aspirational.  Something that is so grand that how it is communicated to the world rightly became a focus for the Premier of the State.

The vision was to create a logo for communicating all the right cues in a compelling and engaging manner.  And this is what the people of South Australia were gifted.


How disappointing. It feels like an old fashioned industrial brand.  At best it represents a sense of the iron triangle around the Port Augusta and Whyalla areas (the very area that most food producers wish to distant themselves from). The red may well reflect something of the magic of central Australia, but the overall effect is uninspiring and ugly. It is old fashion, clunky and ever so one dimensional.

South Australia is a ripper State and from a communication perspective it deserves something far more elegant and aspirational.
Disclaimer: these are the comments of a brand strategist and not a designer.

Peter Singline
Brand Scientist


  1. As a brand strategist, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the key strategy of presenting the geographical location as the main focus of the campaign.

    One would have thought that in this day and age of Google Maps and geo-tagging apps, the mundane information of where a place is located on a map would be the least important aspect of a brand to present within the visual identity.

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