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Branding Beloved & Believed: You're basically making oatmeal

Today I’ve got a simple example of how two of the corner stones of good branding: Emotion & Authenticity can inspire a great brand. The Brooklyn Brew Shop is based on a simple idea: nano brewing kits. That is brewing kits designed to work in small kitchens with standard kitchen equipment. But it’s when the two owners Erica & Stephen explain the idea that it really comes to life.The best brands always come from the heart. They’re created by people who love what they do and want to involve other in their passion. That they might actually create successful business and rewarding lives along they way seem secondary to their drive and passion. With the guys from the Brooklyn Brew Shop it’s all about unlocking the art of brewing beer for everyone. Opening up and simplifying brewing the same way celebrity chefs do for cooking.

Check out their video on how to brew beer and you’ll start to get the idea:

But it’s when you hear them talk about how and why they started doing this you see the emotional foundation of the brand, they just love to make beer and then the reason for creating the business they have is simply to share their love and enjoyment of cooking up their own beer. Check them out

Find the love and reality it your brand, express it to the world and you too will have something magical.

Derek Carroll
Creative Director
& Inspired brewer



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