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Typographic Furniture for Type Nuts & Bold Brand Statements

We love this range of typo-lounge-furniture from French design company TABISSO. The range which is aptly named ‘Typographia’ offers lounge chairs that incorporate all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0 to 9. The range also includes 25 floor lamps shaped as different punctuation marks. The upholstery, which can be leather or fabric is available in a range of fabric colours allowing a match to existing corporate and brand identity designs.

Apart from the perfect foil for type lovers, this furniture provides a great visual tool for brands looking to communicate their message in a cut through manner. This bold furniture is perfect for weaving brand statements into hotel rooms and lobbies, restaurants, transport hubs, corporate brand environments such as foyers and reception areas, property development branding, and retail brands looking to add an extra dimension to their stores.

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You can check the whole range on the Tabisso site
We spotted this on psfk.com
The pics are from Tabisso

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