Do the Green Thing Brand Poster Campaign

Dean Chalkley Environmental Poster Campaign

Creative Environmental Charity Do the Green Thing, established by Naresh Ramchandani (Pentagram) & Andy Hobsbaum (Evrythng), have published a custom designed poster for each day in March leading up to Earth Hour at the end of the month. This is a campaign that is uniquely inspiring in its effort to encourage people to support environmental sustainability.

The posters are contributed by a number of designers and illustrators including Patrick Cox (click here to see our blog on his design of the 2012 London Olympic Games brand), Tom Uglow (Creative Director of Google), Illustrator Mr Guil and many more. Each poster voices a specific environmental proposition in an often humorous, subversive and poignant way. In essence, the messages put forward are quite different in tone to the usual “do goodery” voice associated with the green movement. Naresh Ramchandani, commented:

“Creativity is a powerful tool, able to inspire, seduce, provoke and persuade people to do things that they otherwise would not have considered. That’s why Do The Green Thing uses creativity to inspire people to be greener. We’re applying one of the most powerful tools we know to the biggest problem we’ve got.”

Here are a few charming examples of what you can find on the Do the Green Thing tumblr blog.

First we have Mr Guil’s illustrated contribution. Like many disposable products, Mr Guil wonders why “people don’t use pencils to the very end… This piece, made with one pencil, is influenced by the visual image of pencils revolving around my creatures combined with abstract forms and structures.”

Mr Guil Illustrated Poster Design

Photographer Dean Chalkley’s submission focused on the value of the humble jumper as opposed to central heating.

“I find it so strange when people turn up the heating rather than putting on another a layer like a jumper. Jumpers are better than heating – they can make you really nice and hot. I’ve got one on now actually and I’m really toasty.”

Designer Patrick Cox wanted to encourage people to recycle unwanted items, so he has created a poster that can directly help people to advertise their unwanted belongings, and find them new homes.

Patrick Cox Poster Design

Since bottled water has an infinitely larger environmental and monetary cost than tap water, Emily Oberman’s “C’mon get Tappy” adds a quirky twist to a reasonable call to action for those living in countries with a healthy tap water supply.

Emily Oberman Poster Design

To view more of the creative contributions, to Do the Green Thing visit the site here, or if you’d like to purchase one of the 23 limited edition posters printed on FSC paper with sustainable ink for around $34 plus VAT, postage and packing with all proceeds going back to the Do The Green Thing charity Click here.

Do the Green Thing is certainly one of the most creative environmental groups I’ve seen, and this is yet another one of their well considered campaigns, drawing on remarkably creative minds as a powerful tool to promote social change.

If you have a problem that only creative minds can solve, give your friendly brand advocates a call.

Julia Dowe
Design Creative


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