How wit taps into a deeper level of brand experience

Being a beginner in the field, I’m curious about how much influence design can have in the consumer’s world. Not from a designer or a client point of view, but from an audience’s perspective. I believe best design does more than simply capture attention and make the audience linger. Using wit and humour beautifully as a communication tool in design – especially in packaging design – can add that additional layer of experience. Offering a joy of discovery to the brand is crucial.

Following are a few examples of brand’s who incorporate humour in design.

Scanwood is Denmark’s largest manufacturer of wooden kitchen utensils. Their products are made from all natural materials. Not only did the packaging design bring the products to life, but it also gives the consumer a sense of buying a product that grows straight out of the ground.


Smirnoff’s peel-able bottle is another great example. Although the design is a few years’ old, it is definitely worth mentioning again. The design was used to promote the new flavours of Smirnoff Caipiroska. The bottles were created with the texture of the fruit of the flavours and a diagonal perforation to give the consumers the unique experience of peeling a drink make of fruit.


Both Scanwood and Smirnoff have used humour beautifully by emphasising their product material on their packaging.

On the other hand, there are brands that are less focused on the product material, but take a more light-hearted approach. For example:

Hardegger – bakes original Zurich Hüppen from a decades-old secret family recipe, using only natural ingredients. Their packaging uses a lion as it is the main symbol of Zurich to retain the value of old traditions in the brand, with the coloured tongues adding a modern twist. I appreciate this subtle twist to a design as it brings out the warmness of the brand.


Clever use of wit in packaging can add a little bit of magic. Not only can it make you smile, but it may also break down barriers between brands and consumers, and most importantly, can tap into a deeper level of brand experience.

Hang Io
Learner of Brands… and enthusiastic intern

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