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La Wine Agency a great brand

La Wine Agency is the brainchild of Brad Ball, a creative entrepreneur, restaurateur and sommelier. While completing his MBA in Bordeaux, Brad was assigned to create a business plan. As it turned out, this was the opportunity Brad needed to combine his love of wine and business ambition. Using his contacts in South America (former classmates while studying in Bordeaux) Brad turned his business plan for La Wine Agency into reality with the help of Fuzzco and Grassroots Distribution.The business opportunity as he saw it, was to grow America’s young demographic of wine buffs. With this target market in mind, he went ahead and distilled the values that would define his new business: budget, eco-consciousness, a sense of humour and style. But perhaps the most important value of the brand would be to inspire an interest in wine and it’s production. In turn, the tone when delivering tasting notes, technical specifications and any other brand story telling would be instrumental to the new brand’s personality.

Great brand packaging

Even the name La Wine Agency, suggests that this is not simply another wine label but an authority on the craft and a vehicle for a new wine appreciation. The brand takes the role of sommelier for its young consumer. While the whimsical and almost arbitrary reference to “Old World” wine making with the definite article “la” gives the brand permission to use more unconventional, tongue and cheek language. For instance:

“This is an old school style of Pinot Noir where balance and finesse reign supreme i.e. Grand Master Flashesque.”

Good example of brand language

Seeing this language paired with equally funny vintage inspired imagery and typography begins to feel like a quirky adaption of 1950s style didactic advertising, instructing the consumer to get a “splash of class in your glass.” However, rather than feeling heavy handed, this imaginative brand talks to its audience in a knowledgeable and endearing way. We are yet to see a wine label in Australia like it.

If you share this vision, or suspect there is a new opportunity for your brand to grow in its appeal, get in touch we’d love to help you break new ground.

To find out more about La Wine Agency please visit www.

Julia Dowe 
Design Creative

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