Pop up hotels an interesting place branding option


The Easter break is a great reminder of the varying demands placed on accommodation places. Peak periods, whether it be holiday driven or major events often means greater demand than availability for accommodation. It is the very reason why we are likely to see a growing presence of ‘pop hotels’ in our lives. 

Pop up retailers have become a relatively common part of our shopping terrain and we think the hotel category will experience a similar trend. However, what is different is the design edge that is playing out from day one with accommodation. Whereas pop shops began with a opportunistic use of empty space, hotels are creatively creating new spaces to fit the demand cycle for accommodation and shifting location requirements.

A recent article in the NY Times was suggesting the pop up hotels offer compelling reasons for the pop up trend to endure. They suggest that unlike temporary stores and lounges designed to hawk clothes and cocktails, temporary hotels allow travelers to sleep in unique spaces (boats, tricked-out shipping containers) and forbidden places (public parks, racetracks). The hotels also enable festival goers around the world to upgrade from sleeping bags and tents to rooms with beds, rain showers and iPod docking stations. Even this alone has the potential of increasing the productivity of workers as they return to work from raging festivals a little less trashed!




However, despite the brilliance of the concept, to add interest to a city like Melbourne, it will require a far more generous spirit amongst our municipality authorities. There is a need to have the same lateral minds being applied to how make concepts like pop up hotels add a distinct flair to our city. It is amazing how long it took to embrace our laneways and the more importantly the graffiti that adorns them. Pop ups can only work if there is some where available for them to in deed pop up.

Perhaps it could well be a pop up village that could transform our dear old Docklands into a more dynamic and interesting environment?

Peter Singline
Brand Scientist

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