Airagami and the Art of Standing Out in the Retail Brand Landscape

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Stand-out Retail Brand Design
Sure retail brands are facing a tough stretch, where attracting the attention of new customers and engaging with them sufficiently to turn them into brand loyalists is tougher than squeezing the proverbial blood from a stone. But every now and again we are reminded of the power of thinking big – figuratively if-not literally – of visualizing a brand experience that will stand-out from the crowd, project your brand beyond the ordinary and create the remarkable. And that’s precisely what Airigami did when they created a 200 foot long acrocanthosaurus–a dinosaur from the early cretaceous period re-created from balloons.

The point here isn’t the dinosaur, but the thinking outside the box that has made the difference. Museums are surprisingly inspiring places for retail branders for a few reasons:
• They genuinely understand the need to captivate and communicate
• They are typically working with complex, detailed information, communicating it to a broad audience who are often less than excited by the subject
• They rarely have massive budgets to invest and are used to creating one-off installations
• They see themselves as places of wonder, theaters for the mind and approach their visual merchandising accordingly

The question for retail brands is; ‘Are you thinking hard enough about creating a truly stand-out installation with the power to turn your store into a place of wonder?


Dave Ansett
Chief Cre­ator of Brands
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Video courtesy of Larry Moss
Photos courtesy of airigami

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