Introducing Truly Deeply's new Apple Touch icons for smart phones and tablets

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As mobile devises such as phones and tablets continue to gain favour as a way for more and more consumers to interact with brands, the challenge becomes one of prominence. How do you as a brand stay top of mind? How do you make sure you are close at hand?

The mobile screens of your customers and clients have become an increasingly valuable piece of real estate. Claiming a spot on the first or second screen of a smart phone or tablet is a clear indicator of the status of your brand’s relationship and the likelihood of your brand being part of the daily rituals of that valuable consumer.

For Truly Deeply, having our own Apple Touch icon gives us a play in that game. Our web site and Truly Deeply Madly blog are all about providing a rich stream of interesting and informative content. By creating our own Touch icons, our readers can easily add a recognizable, app-style icon to their mobile device home screen, which acts as a shortcut to our site. Home screens are typically cluttered, so it’s a big advantage if our users have a recognisable icon that can be easily found, encouraging them to connect with us more regularly.That’s definitely a good thing, as when it comes to brand relationships, absence does not make the heart grow fonder.

To add a Truly Deeply Touch icon to your smart phone or tablet:

01. View our site on your device

02. Tap the media options button on the bottom of your screen


03. Tap ‘Add to home screen’


04. Title the page. And you’re done!



Now you can connect with us wherever, and whenever your heart desires.



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