Big Hearted Business – bringing together left and right brainers


Starting a new business venture is pretty tricky at the best of times, but if you’re a creative-thinking right brainer, you may find the logical side of business more mystifying than most. Cue the lovely, multi-talented and evidently very busy Clare Bowditch. Mum of 3, ARIA Award winner and Rolling Stone’s “Woman of the Year”, Bowditch has added an altruistic feather to her very full cap with her new undertaking, Big Hearted Business. Over the last few years, (amongst the gigs, writing and recording) Bowditch has conducted a mentoring program for local aspiring creatives. What started as a one-on-one setup, has now blossomed into Big Hearted Business, which in her words ‘exists to teach brilliant, creative Australians how to build strong, successful businesses, without compromising their integrity. We aim to help counter the enormous educational gap that still exists for creative-entrepreneurs in Australia.’

The program kicked off earlier this year with a very successful fund raiser (the target was reached in the first 6 days of a 90 day campaign), the proceeds of which were channeled into a resource-rich website and online mentoring hub. The program entails affordable e-courses and seminars as well as freely available info, newsletters and regular ‘inspiration bombs’ – short films featuring the wisdoms of creative experts.

Last month BHB held their first seminar at the Abbostford Convent, and featured talks and workshops by 11 speakers over 2 days. Creative experts included the likes of Lucy Feagins (of The Design Files fame), Kemi Nekvapil (founder of Kemi’s Raw Kitchen and Raw Beauty Queen), Jane Martino (founder of Undertow Media, co-founder of Smiling Mind, Director of The Martino Group), Kylie Lewis (Kikki K’s digital strategist), Natalie Harker (social media expert to the stars) Pip Lincoln (Meet Me at Mikes) and of course Bowditch herself.

I’m kicking myself that I missed out on a ticket, but I’ve put my name on the waiting list for next year’s conference!



The Big Hearted Business 2013 conference at the Abbotsford Convent (Photo: Dumbo Feather)



Illustrations from BHB website


Tamarin Watson
Design Creative

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