Brand Strategy Laced With Rituals


Spending a part of this last weekend in Paris I was once again reminded of the power of rituals to generate an emotional charge. The ritual in Paris, which seems to be growing each year, of fastening a lock to a bridge over the Seine as an expression of love. Couples head to the river with a lock and their declared love for each scrawled on the lock. For visitors it cements a piece of history for them in Paris. Each time they return to the city and they can visit their personal monument to love.

Yesterday while crossing a bridge I experienced two things for the first time. One was to witness a young couple trying to work out where they would fasten their lock. They were positively animated with each other and Paris. The second thing was to hear a couple from the UK lamenting the fact that they do not have a similar tradition back home. Likewise in Melbourne we do not a similar ritual.

It would seem there is a opening available to a brand of locks such as Lockwood to kick start such a movement. There is an opportunity for them to introduce a little romance into how people view their brand. It even has the potential to make Valentines Day relevant to their brand. A little imagination and Lockwood could ‘unlock’ a powerful ritual that they could own.



Peter Singline
Brand Scientist

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