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No Quick Fix for Driving Online Traffic.

By Chris Ongarello on – 19 April 2013

People today are quick to think that PPC is an instant solution to gain traffic and leads to and through their website, but their is so much more to the puzzle. The first question I always like to ask is: Why drive traffic there? Is there something that will attract people’s attention and entice them to come back or make contact with your brand or business? While researching and jotting down a few of the Pros and Cons of Organic SEO and PPC, I decided to ask my good friend Joe Volcy, Search Marketing Specialist with Base One in London to relate his view.

Organic SEO positives
1. long term stable results
2. better for keyword focused content (targeted through content)
3. 80% of users pass over listed results on top in yellow and to the left
4. if you stop optimizing your rankings won’t be ruined

Organic SEO negatives
1. Long and arduous process (6 months)
2. Hard to beat long terms top rankers
3. Googles changing algorithms

Joe: “SEO now gravitates around good content and content strategy. A lot of effort is needed in creating good, unique and enticing content. A content strategy is also needed to properly target the right audience but also how to promote the content to get the maximum of exposure. SEO is now broader and includes content marketing and social media. The set of skills needed to promote a website on organic search is much wider and one need to be much more skillful in the area to get meaningful results from organic search. Gone are the days where SEO was very structured around keyword research. Now SEO also combines clever content strategy, engaging social media activities and unconventional link building methods to support the search project. SEO is now much harder than it was 5 years ago and requires much more effort.”

PPC (Adwords) positives
1. Only pay for leads directly to your website
2. Quickly up and running
3. Lower budget
4. Easily optimized campaigns

PPC (Adwords) negatives
1. Once investment stops so do results
2. can be costly with a low conversion rate
3. only 20% of traffic click on sponsored links
4. competition can outbid you on your selected keywords

Joe: “One of the challenges with ‘Paid’ search is how conversion is attributed. The sales cycle or funnel in B2B is more complex than B2C and it can be tricky to properly assign and attribute a conversion to PPC (or another channel). For e.g. users can visit a site several times before converting. They normally come into the site directly or from organic sources the second time the user visits the same website. Studying multi-channel conversions has now become a ‘must’ and can be very tricky with the addition of Social Media in the mix. Advanced web analytics are often needed to properly assign goal value to PPC (and the other marketing channels). The conventional way of tracking goals via PPC last visits is not really showing the whole picture which can give a false representation of the effectiveness of PPC campaigns.”

A combination
1. Use Adwords’ keywords for an organic campaign
2. Adwords for brands awareness and link building

Joe: “I believe that SEO and PPC should now work together, more than ever! The competition is fierce out there and it’s even harder and more complex in B2B marketing industry. Content marketing/Link building and social media also have their place and are certainly an essential part of SEO.”

It’s not so much Organic SEO vs. PPC, but the combination of all the different channels that could create a winning marketing campaign and drive qualified leads to your website.


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