An imaginative brand retail installation from Aesop

brand retail installation

The Australian skincare label Aesop continues to be innovative in the retail arena with it’s beautifully considered instore sensory installations. Last weekend I happened to be walking down Gertrude St Fitzroy and came across a floor of Autumn leaves in the local Aesop store. Not only were the leaves eye catching and a celebration of the present season, they made me want to walk into the store and jump and stamp my way noisily through.

Using natural materials in a way that resonates with a customer’s childhood memories is a very potent gesture in visual merchandising that you don’t often see. Being resourceful and using readily available autumn leaves also means the installation can make a significant impact without a huge budget. There is something fascinating about creating a lot with a little, and I think people also identify and empathise with brands who are able to do this well.


The ability to capture the imagination is certainly one of Aesop’s core brand values. Being an industry visionary, allows Aesop to do things a little differently. So whether it’s a great instore installation, a clever addition to the product line or the interior design itself, they know how to set themselves apart from the very competitive retail market place. Imagination is certainly a vital asset, ensuring a brand connects with customers in a powerful and unique way.

Julia Dowe 
Design Creative

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