A Masterclass in Not-For-Profit Branding from Movember

not for profit brand identity

Creating a Great Brand in this Tough Market

In all our years of creating brands, we’ve never come-across a tougher category than not for profit. High on passion with a gazillion competitors battling for the philanthropic dollar, not-for-proft organizations are typically well meaning, but poorly branded. Not-so Movember who have had a clear view of who they are as a brand, and beautifully communicated that to their market of hairy bros and sistas from day one.

Movembers brand identity has always had a real edge that was finely tuned to match their brand personality. This well crafted brand image allowed them to connect with a hip urban market in Australia, previously ignored by a category who saw the whole market through the same myopic lens. Movember’s approach led to lightening fast take-up, and opened-up larger, like-minded market around the world. The Mo became a symbol of urban hip, cascading down from the early adopters to a mass market who for the first time saw the association with a not-for-profit brand as an aspirational badge to cool. Clever brand associations with the likes of Grill’d burgers and a consistent flow of equally cool brand comms has seen the Movember brand take over the world like a killer mustache in a B-grade movie.

The latest Movember infographic shows just how far these guys have come – A combination of huge vision (The Largest Men’s Health Movement in History no-less), inspiring do-good and sweet brand design.

MovemberBrand, not for profit branding

Dave Ansett
Chief Cre­ator of Brands
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