Australia's wedding industry shifts away from the mainstream


The wedding industry is a fairly unique retail category, with short-term customers who, whilst being ultra-committed, are generally inexperienced in the area and unlikely to bring repeat business. Brands in this sector are notorious for exploiting these short-term relationships by overcharging and often under-delivering.

Australia’s wedding industry is experiencing a healthy paradigm shift, as expensive and often irrelevant traditions are being usurped in favour of creative ideas and bespoke designs. In large part, this is due to a move away from the “parents pay; parents choose” approach, to couples funding their own day and designing it to their tastes. The trend is also supported by the accessibility of creative ideas with online resources like Pinterest, Tumblr and social media in general. This shift away from the mainstream has opened up the market and led to the emergence of a thriving alternative wedding scene, which is giving local creative vendors a healthy chunk of the wedding pie.

The average Australian wedding costs around $40,000 dollars, which if you’re not married or engaged, probably sounds like a ludicrous figure. It did to me too, but as a new member of the married club, I can attest to the frightening speed at which a nominated budget approaches then flies past, without even pausing to say hello! With some creative problem solving and a healthy dose of DIY, we were able to keep costs to a manageable level. The frustrating thing was that whilst we were sure there were better, less expensive options out there, they were so darned hard to find!

This inspired my little side project, Nouba; a wedding blog for Australian brides and grooms looking for something a little different. The aim of the site is to promote local creative talent and help couples feel liberated to design their big day in their own way, without feeling the pressure to subscribe to expected outcomes. Every couple is different, with a unique take on what it means to say ‘I do’.




Tamarin Watson
Design Creative

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