Crowd Sourcing Big Lessons

Earlier in the year we wrote about the new collaborative spirit playing out in the world of brands, including crowd funding by entrepreneurial individuals and enterprises.
Recently in rural Australia we have witnessed a new frontier for such activities in the form of crowd funding of $27,570 for a boning room for a pig farm.

This one initiative is a great representation of many defining trends playing out. The most obvious trend is crowd funding. Here is a farming couple, Tammi and Stuart Jonai who have broken with the tradition of fronting up to the local bank manager with cap in hand asking for a loan. Instead they have turned to crowd funding site Pozible and ask the world for pledges of between $25 and $5000. Nearly 170 people jumped onto the site and bingo the dollars required were pledged.

It is why they pledged that is interesting. For many it is simply about having a sense of personal connection with where their food comes from. In return for pledges there are a variety of benefits, such as receiving various cuts of pork, or attending butchering classes or a farm stay. In fact for a pledge of $250 this offer available on the Pozible site:

“Our gratitude, sponsor recognition on our website, a 2014 Jonai Farms calendar, and 7kg mixed cuts of Jonai Farms ethical pork, and one ticket to Salami Day at Jonai Farms”

It is directly leveraging the fact that people are seeking knowledge about their food, and increasingly also putting their hand up for different experiences. And for most of us life on a pig farm is a little outside our normal day-to-day experiences.

Finally, their farming enterprise is an example of leveraging the trend to online buying, and sourcing directly from producers. There aspiration over time is to move to a subscription model but for now they simply put out a call to their 3,500 followers on Facebook and twitter every fortnight for sales.

It is simply farming on-trend!

Peter Singline
Brand Scientist

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