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Last month we wrote an article for The Melbourne Review that explored the direction of market focused specialty retail. In the article we mentioned a client we’d worked with many moons ago who had a concept for an all male retail store. Well, the innovative, revolving retail space STORY is presenting HIS Story for their summer concept, an installation of 140 brands focused on men’s fashion and grooming products.

HIS Story opened in the 2000 square foot STORY store located in Manhattan’s burgeoning new retail corridor of 10th avenue on 6 June with the philosophy; ‘Because looking good doesn’t come with an instruction manual (and men rarely ask for directions,) we set out to fill in the live-better blanks with a few important details. In time for Father’s Day, BBQ Season, and um, summer, we’ve culled the best bets for him‘.

The HIS Story experiment highlights the great benefit for retail brands who seek to focus in on a single segment is the opportunity to target every aspect of their offer from brand voice, brand messaging, merchandise mix, store design, in-store experiences, visual merchandising, brand identity design, marketing and advertising at a single, customer. The result is a remarkable retail experience with the potential to connect so much more powerfully than the retailers with a broader offer.

STORY has teamed up with Details magazine to create an experiential, retail dialogue about men’s grooming and style. The retail store will feature Editor’s Picks and highlight brands and products from Kiehls, Alessi, Malin + Goetz, WANT Les Essentials de la Vie, and Diptyque to name a few.

Because nothing says “refined and dandy” like an
evening devoted to small sips of whiskey and tiny
chocolates, we’re giving lads an opportunity to
really class it up.

As part of the retail experience, there are complimentary in-store shaves by Proctor & Gamble grooming authorities Gillette, Braun, and Old Spice. The shaving station, which will be open at select hours from Thursdays to Sundays, will be manned by Lower East Side barber shop Franks Chop Shop. HIS Story will also include a curated collection of summer essentials by Birchbox Man, as well as in-store events like their Swiller Nights: Whisky + Chocolate with Michael Richart – ‘Because nothing says “refined and dandy” like an evening devoted to small sips of whiskey and tiny chocolates, we’re giving lads an opportunity to really class it up.’

STORY is a retail space that has the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery and sells things like a store.  Every four to eight weeks, STORY will change out all its merchandise, design, fixtures and reinvent the store around a different story-based theme.

Founded by Rachel Shechtman, a consultant who has worked for a myriad of clients over the past ten years under her firm Cube Ventures, STORY’s seeks to create an equally compelling, valuable, engaging and relevant experience for both brands and consumers.  After working with companies ranging from Gilt Groupe to the CFDA to Lord & Taylor to TOMS Shoes to AOL, Rachel decided to put her own strategies to the test by doing what she loves most – working across industries and integrating marketing, merchandising and business development strategies.

HIS Story will be open until July 7th.





You can find out more about Story here: www.thisisstory.com

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