Lessons in Brand Language

The Importance of Brand Language

Recently I lost the entire index of contacts on my phone and the only thing I was left was a list of conversations categorised by date. Consequently the only way to decipher a contact’s name and number was to identify the conversation. Suddenly my phone did not seem like a logical communication device, but a puzzle of dialogue.

It got me thinking, what’s in a name? And by process of illumination, what do you have once a name is taken away? Well, in my recent experience, it’s a conversation, message, time and date. So you better hope the conversation was memorable enough to be easily identified.

Conversation in our daily life is how we communicate fact, opinion and fiction, however the common thread throughout all content is expression. Expression shapes someone’s personality and is therefore how he or she can be identified. So whether there be 10 people saying in unison, “My name is John Smith” it is how they express the fact that will set them apart.

This is why language, and the way it is delivered can be fundamental to identity. And in a branding world, where identity is key, language is a crucial medium in expressing brand, and making a business unique and recognisable.

If your brand was distilled down to a conversation, would it be recognizable? Without a brand name, would people be able to recognise your business based on language alone? Finding your brand voice is not easy in a noisy marketplace, let alone keeping it consistent. For help with making your brand conversation count, please get in touch. 

Julia Dowe
Design Creative

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