More Beers, More Brands, More Jobs…

More Beer, More Brands, More Jobs 3

A quick thought for a crazy week: there’s been some bad news for a community close to my heart in the last few weeks and while I don’t have any solutions for the blow that came Geelong’s way with the bad news from Ford. I am reminded that from adversity often comes opportunity.

Enjoying another short film about beer, this fact stood out:

Craft breweries produce 7% of beer sold in the U.S. but they employ 50% of all brewery employees.

And it dawned on me that we are in the age of niche. Niche companies, with niche brands, making niche products, to niche markets take on a whole different scale when it’s a niche of the internet. As I’ve talked about before, doing the thing you love is the way to create a great brand and a great business. And great businesses mean more jobs, jobs with people, like you, who love what doing.

So if you’ve suddenly got a lot of time on your hands thanks to Detroit, but have a love you think can be a great niche business, give us a call we’ll GIVE you an identity to get you rolling again. A little way of giving back to a community that has given to us.

Oh ye, here the short, it’s called: Craft Beer – A Hopumentary

Derek Carroll
Director of Creativity

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