Emotions + Remembrance = Brand

Truly_deeply_madly_anton_ego_brand_emotionsOne of the most important things in a brand is remembrance. If a brand cannot be remembered it won’t be consumed as much as it is wished. If it was a good experience or product and still we can’t remember the name of it, then how can we purchase it again. How can we become loyal? Sound familiar?

There are brands that are always in the consumer’s mind. If I say ” cold soft drink” you will probably think of Coca Cola. Or if I say “cool sportswear”, Nike could be in your top three. But not everything has to do with the biggest brands of all time that [usually] have millions of dollars to invest in advertising and brand development.

What if a say ” warm cup of coffee”? You’d probably think of your local coffee shop that you go to every morning. Or if you hear “Sunday roast” probably your mum’s kitchen, along with your childhood memories are your first thoughts [sorry wives!]. And this is because there is an experience and a feeling attached to it.

It does not matter how much money a brand spends on an advertising campaign [although it can help], if the brand doesn’t have that “extra feeling”, then that emotional attachment to their consumer is lost.

I’ll leave a link with a very clear example of how strong branding can be, If you haven’t seen Ratatouille, consider the video and the next words as a SPOILER ALERT: In case you don’t  remember, Anton Ego, the food critique, is a very cold and bitter person, his critiques are always harsh…until this scene.

To give a little bit of background, Ratatouille was a food dish of the working class and it was made with the available produce; again, small/simple things can make a huge difference in your brand.

You could see how this emotional feeling changed the character’s perspective about the dish, the place and even the way he started eating. This is how great brands work in the consumers’ mind, they find that connection and stay with it.

What makes your brand better than your foes? What can you do to engage your consumers in an emotional way and be remembered? What can you offer them in exchange for them remembering your brand and hopefully becoming loyal?

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