New limited edition line of Lacoste shirts feature redesigns of the iconic crocodile logo

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UK Designer Peter Saville creates a limited edition range for Lacoste with a brand identity design twist
To be launched in November this year, Saville has created a new range of polo shirts with a surprising twist; the polos feature a range of re-imagined versions of the iconic Lacoste crocodile logo.
The range will be released to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the brand and features 160 different designs of the croc brand mark – 80 for men and 80 for women.
We’re big fans of brand identity design that allows for some flexibility with the way the brand expresses itself visually. We believe that within a well structured framework, this flexibility extends the number of identifiable visual properties the brand can then use to build equity over time, but also is a more natural and intuitive form of visual language, providing a more engaging connection with their market.
Saville agrees ‘they still look like Lacoste shirts even if they don’t have a crocodile on them. It’s about requisitioning the mainstream to translate an idea that is not about selling.’ He believes ‘a motif is a sequence of parts and these parts can be changed with surprising and extraordinary consequences’, but that ‘it’s only with a mark as known and loved as the crocodile that one can do this’.Lacoste created a video that illustrates Saville’s design process:

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