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In an article last week in the Age (9th July), actor Colin Friels was interviewed about his up and coming role in an independent theatre production Moving Parts, written by advertising creative David Nobay. What struck me about the article is that Friels expresses what everyone should be shooting for with their career personal brand – an opportunity to excel in something that you are naturally good at and that takes you to another place (you experience a sense of being totally in the moment).

Acting, Friels says, should offer something transcendental. ”You get these beautiful moments on stage – and they’re only moments – when you’re so free. It’s like you’ve gone to heaven. You lose all self-consciousness, and it’s the most fantastic feeling. You don’t even know where you are. You’re sort of flying.’’

Friels loves being a storyteller. He adores communicating with an audience. He says,  ’’an actor’s job is to do, to act and to perform. There are no short cuts. And what I love seeing is a soul on a stage. How fine have you got your craft? How sweetly have you got it singing in tune so that you can communicate from the depths of the human condition and get this story across to me? Then it’s great.’’

Friels speaks with an absolute passion about the craft of acting. He also seeks greatness in his performances. For we mortals who turn up everyday without an enthusiastic audience willing us on, the goal should be exactly the same. Find a role where we can excel, that has the potential to generate a sense of being in the ‘flow’ where time stands still and there is an undeniable thrill in what you are doing. And like Friels there should be the aspiration to generate performances of greatness.

Why not assume you are about to be interviewed by the media about your next major project  (or stage show, if that is your thing) and describe what it is that keeps you in your craft, and the what are the moments that you find truly transcendental? We are all entitled to some transcendental wonder in our careers.

Peter Singline
Brand Scientist

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