Truly Deeply proudly creates Aussie brand ‘Get Farmed!’

Truly Deeply Get Farmed!

Truly Deeply is proud to showcase our brand strategy and design work for Get Farmed! a new range of all Australian breakfast cereals and muesli bars.

Inspired by the fresh and wholesome all-Australian ingredients, the brand heroes local farmers and celebrates the unprocessed bounty of Australian ingredients.


Heroing local farmers and their best natural produce is at the heart of the brand story.

“The brand essence, ‘a nourishing farmer’s bounty’ authentically builds a consumption connection to the farmer’s gate. It is a strategy rich in genuine emotional pull and brand storytelling scope,” says Peter Singline, Brand Scientist and Founder, Truly Deeply.

“Being passionate about Australian produced food and supporting Australian farmers Truly Deeply have managed to develop a brand image for us which has included our packaging range and website”, says, Lynne Skene Owner and Director, Get Farmed!

The feedback from our customers has been amazing. Truly Deeply have been fantastic in all aspects of the project and ongoing work”, added Skene.

Truly Deeply Get Farmed! Cereal

Our brief was to bring to life the beautiful, all Australian ingredients and support for local farmers in a brand that was proud to stand tall and say ‘I’m an authentic Aussie’.

However, in addition to representing an Australian heritage, Get Farmed! still needed to be seen as a refined and sophisticated brand that was a healthy cereal option. Get Farmed! needed to compete on shelf with an extensive range offered by Carman’s who took ownership of a large colour spectrum and also other brand’s who were offering larger boxes, hoping to appear more economical.

Building on the brand challenge, we quickly realised that the all Australian grown ingredients and support to local farmers was our unique selling point and something that needed to be consistently highlighted in both written and visual communications to build an emotional response in our target.

Truly Deeply Get Farmed! Muesli Bars

Bringing the brand to life was an enjoyable process, using the Australian farmer and fresh ingredients as the core inspiration.

“The brandmark depicts a friendly farmer’s tractor supported with lively hand drawn type. The packaging utilises a die-cut shape of Australia to reveal the proud ingredients. The colours were also chosen deliberately to be soft, natural and inviting.” Says Derek Carroll, Creative Director and Partner, Truly Deeply.

Lynne Skene had been working with Aussie Farmers Direct extensively, creating a range of cereals using 100% Australian ingredients. Seeing the potential to create a new brand in this category and using her insights in the industry Lynne took the plunge and created her very first brand – Get Farmed!

Truly Deeply Get Farmed! Website

Truly Deeply provided brand strategy, naming, brand identity design, website, stationery and packaging design as well as direction on photography.

Get Farmed! is now being stocked by Aussie Farmer’s Direct who also decided to discontinue their own brand and introduce Get Farmed! as their preferred cereal and muesli bar supplier.

Major retailers across the country have expressed interest in the brand and more stockists will be announced soon.


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