Clare Bowditch – an exercise in creative brand stretch

Clare Bowditch

Clare Bowditch

How to get more with your creative talents.

Talented musician Clare Bowditch has been spreading her wings this year. 2013 has seen her launch a creative mentorship business called ‘Big Hearted Business’

She describes Big Hearted Business as a practical, creative response to the sometimes-overwhelming possibilities of our times. As part of a new-guard of micro-business educators, BHB exists to teach creative Australians how to build strong, successful businesses, without compromising their integrity. As someone who was trained in the arts Bowditch has long been sensitised to the fact that while she may have had guidance with her singing, no one was teaching her how to translate that into a commercial success. She is helping our creative community through free weekly videos, expert-interviews, affordable online courses, beautifully styled live events and tailored in-house programs.

Last Sunday morning I had the pleasure of attending a BHB Morning Tea with my daughter Clare . Attending was a room full of aspiring creative types, each with their own particular dream. The audience was primarily female, young and very much up for the conversation. And what Bowditch did so well was tell a compelling story. She offered some practical suggestions but always woven into some aspect of her own magical journey. She talks a lot about all of us needing to do apprenticeships, seeing such learning experiences as being liberating in terms of providing the right not to know everything. In fact she advocates strongly the power in asking others for assistance, for putting your dream out there in the universe.

10 key takes-out I took from my morning tea with Clare Bowditch. 

1.Embrace your creativity and dream big.
2.In terms of your dream, establish clarity around what problem you are solving and who does it most solve it for.
3.Establish three clear actions you will do this year to make your dream a reality.
4.Acts of defiance are often required to be truly creative.
5.Embrace technology as a way of marketing what you do/offer.
6.Give away things of value to generate a community engaged in your journey.
7.In your marketing layer in ‘social proof’ – meaning have others saying positive things about you. Bowditch practices what she preaches, with a page on her web site called glory that includes endorsements from a great mix of individuals.
8.You cannot do it all on your own. Some of the best available mentors are often in your friendship network, she calls them ‘friendtors’
9.Seek ways to generate passive income streams. For Bowditch one such example is the soon to be launched ‘Creative Business Directory’
10.Be successful, but also seek to find ways to make the world a better place.
Peter Singline
Brand Scientist

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