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Driving into the studio yesterday I was struck by a large piece of graffiti on Montague St. Living up north close to a rail line I’m used to seeing large, great pieces of street art. This one stood out because, well, this part of South Melbourne is pretty industrial, and while there the usual urban graffiti, it’s not normally this bold and colourful.

It wasn’t till I drove in this morning that I noticed the corner segment with the mug of one of Albert Parks’s culinary treasures Jock’ Ice Cream. Jock’s Ice Cream has always impressed me with it’s branding, while probably not the most sophisticated  brand identities, anything it lacks, it more than makes up for with quality product and bags of brand personality.

Jock's Ice Cream Brand Hoarding

It’s a reminder to all of us that there’s more to brand communications than selling your product, you’ve got to sell your brand. What you stand for, not just what you do. I’m intrigued to know what’s going on Montague St not because there’s an exciting new food offer maybe in the area, but because there a rebellious brand that always does it differently in the area.


There seems to be a new cafe, restaurant, retail, foodie thing weekly in our corner of Melbourne. Some are formulaic franchises, some indie one offs, some good, some bad, all of them are brands but few I doubt with this much inherent personality as this.

Need help defining you brands personality? Give us a call, we love to talk brand.

Derek Carroll
Creative Director



  1. Hi Derek,

    there’s a fairly simple story behind this painting.

    It was to protect the integrity of the site which was continually bombarded by ‘street posters’ for Miley Cyrus concerts. Neither Jock or his friends who owned the site felt Miley Cyrus concert posters reflected their tastes and felt the graffiti (ironically -legal) would provide a deterrent to the illegal, but notoriously difficult to prosecute, advertising posters .
    There’s nothing commercial about the site, they just felt the crappy selection of posters undermined their property rights and chose the artwork instead.

    I’m unsure as to the future of this building, but I thought this little extra bit of info further supports your statement “there’s more to brand communications than selling your product, you’ve got to sell your brand. What you stand for…”

    Jock’s is pretty distinctive and that seems to run through all aspects of his life and family.

    Happy hunting – Mark

  2. Hi Mark

    Thanks for the background. Love the rational, it really shows how the Jock’s brand is something very real, not just a superficial layer coating a business. It seams to be a belief in how things should be done, something they couldn’t deny even if they wanted to and so it is naturally authentic and powerful.

    Later D

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