Moving House? Advertising cut through required in a noisy market

What was plainly clear though was that there was little differentiation in message or offer. Phrases like “we would like to offer you this great special”, ” unbeatable price”, “call us for a great deal”, “100% satisfaction guaranteed” and “bond back guarantee” were all used to try and cut through the noise. However when the majority use the same message there’s no chance of cutting through and in fact didn’t entice me to call any of them. With the exception of National Storage who had a cute play on the term boxers by using an image of a dog, they felt same same.

I would really value a company offering something that would assist in this busy time. But what I don’t want is dozens of flyers about carpet cleaning when I don’t even have carpet. I feel like there’s a real opportunity for players in this industry to take a step up and be different and help those like me in need!

Sandy Muir
Director of Brand Projects
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