A Peek Inside Truly Deeply – A Brand Agency with Many Layers

Peek inside a brand agency

A peek inside Truly Deeply – my experience working with the Melbourne Brand Agency

I first peeked inside Truly Deeply back in 2008, back when they were known as Storm and BRAND DNA. I worked alongside them on a couple of rebranding projects in my capacity as a freelance editor and writer. I watched them take a company’s story and brandmark, engage with the people who knew the story well, and then help them to articulate it, not only through words but with visual language. Having not worked in the branding sphere before, I was amazed at the depth of analysis that then went on to support the creation or transformation of a brandmark – the meshing of words with design.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to peek further inside and become one of the cogs in the process of bringing brands to life. Just like my experiences working alongside this organisation, I’ve seen that internally they operate with the same attention to detail – creating brand identities with a careful balance of transparent communication and fun.

Back in 2010, I was fortunate to participate in the initial branding workshop run by Peter Singline for a company that brought with it a long and proud family history. They were guarded and protective – they knew what they did well, but didn’t communicate it; challenged the reasons for change. The company worked in gas and water infrastructure, not a creative sector (well to my mind) but the creativity and enthusiasm that was sparked that day has always stayed with me. We went on to rollout a refreshed brandmark and all the elements that go with that and by this time, everyone was excited to retell this story.

Like any well written book beneath a beautifully designed cover, Truly Deeply delve into the many layers required to create brand narrative and then wrap it in well thought out colours, shapes, lines and space. While much of the branding process is done in collaboration with the client, I have been able to observe the unseen work, thought and consideration that goes into creating each and every brand story.

I have always admired Truly Deeply’s ability to translate a story, both with narrative and visual elements, into a brand identity that truly shares a story. Truly Deeply is a book you really should pick up. There is no disappointment from beginning to end.

Guest Blog
Nicole Markwick – Writer, Marketer & part time Truly Deeply-er

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