Mini Inspire with their Not Normal Integrated Brand Campaign

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Automotive Brand Mini Inspires Again with this Cool Integrated Campaign.
In the world of car brand communications we’re used to being served-up the same bland messaging by manufacturer after manufacturer in their marketing campaigns. No doubt it’s a challenge is to capture the essence of a car’s brand and create a truly unique and memorable campaign, but fortunately like brands, not all cars are born equal. Once again the folks at Mini have leveraged their competitive advantage – namely a brand with a highly differentiated DNA to create the ‘Not Normal’ campaign – based-on the premise that a ride this thrilling is not normal.

Created for Mini Canada by ad agency anomaly the campaign features people taking a ‘roller coaster’ joyride around the city streets. a series of customized Mini Cooper’s are used for the publicity stunt, transforming the roads into a real life amusement park ride.

Check the campaign clip:

And the making of the campaign:

Dave Ansett
Chief Cre­ator of Brands
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Video on You Tube courtesy MINI Canada

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