New Design from the 2013 Fringe Furniture Exhibition


The work in this years Fringe Furnature event, titled “Make it True”, explores unexpected materials, form and function to create a revelatory experience.

With candle wax lampshades to chairs made out of salvaged timber, newspaper and wool dressing gowns, the exhibition is highly tactile and exploratory by nature; finding new ways to use materials and create thoughtful design. 

One standout piece was a hammock made by Roslyn Campbell out of Dacron (laminated Sailcloth), plywood and rope. Dacron is both tear and water proof but has the delicate appearance of paper. Especially in this instance, as Campbell accentuates the paper like quality of Dacron by folding it, much like origami, into a small convenient portable hammock. By finding a new and interesting purpose for the material, Campbell offers us a beautiful and innovative design, that takes our understanding of a very familiar texture, shape and form and recontextualizes it in a new and functional way.


“I feel like I’m made of gold and my mind is a pot of honey” By Roslyn Campbell, Winner of the 2013 Most Market Ready Design, sponsored by Tait Outdoor.

The Fridge Furnature 2013 exhibition runs until the 6th of October, from Wednesday until Sunday, 11am – 5pm at The Abbotsford Convent. If you are interested in discovering some great design it is well worth a look. Visit for more information. 

Julia Dowe
Design Creative

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