The Art of TJ Guzzardi – Old School Signs Create Authentic Brand Identities

signage design for retail

Brilliant Brand Identity Design fueled by Proud Authenticity and Passion
Came across this guy on Melbourne Design Files last week. TJ Guzzardi is 100% old school. Everything from his craft of creating hand painted, retro style signage, and his workshop, his philosophy and his personal brand scream authenticity. For brands across all categories, but especially for retail brands wishing to connect with the values of a bygone era, you could do alot worse than hang your shingle with a stunning sign from TJ.

To-date TJ has created his branded art for restaurants, cafes, bars, tattoo shops, barber shop, cars and bikes, as well as creating custom art pieces.  Though his business only officially launched last year, his impressive list of clients already includes Porteño, Buffalo Dining Club, Chingón Taco Truck and Uppercut Deluxe.

Here’s a great little film made by about TJ by Fuel Tank TV.


You can read about TJ’s story on Melbourne Design Files
Photo – Eve Wilson.

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