Hello Neighbour, A genuine example of brand communication and collaboration

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Hello Neighbour, is an initiative devised by Wieden + Kennedy (WK) London, to encourage creative collaboration between the agency and local artists, craftsmen and designers. The main criteria for the applicants willing to contribute is that they be located within a one mile radius of the agency (thus being a neighbour.) The creative project’s outcome is invariably an installation of some sort in the WK heavily trafficked storefront window.  

I was lucky enough to happen to walk past the most recent window installation whilst in London recently. REAL LIFE AT WORK, much like the title suggests, gives us a snapshot into a WK’s employee at work. The monochrome, comic strip styled space, resembles a three-dimensional Roy Lichtenstein painting, and it is also designed to showcase real life portrait of an employee. And as is the nature of pop art, ironically blurs our perception of art, popular culture and real life.


By taking the everyday (often mundane) idea of the 9-5 office and making it into a visual feast of disproportionate patterned shapes and objects, REAL LIFE AT WORK certainly helps garner genuine community interest in the agency, and what happens behind its closed doors.


The Hello Neighbour project is a clever way draw attention to both local talent, and the creatively engaged Wieden + Kennedy brand. Participating with the community and literally opening up office space to it’s members, not only allows the brand to genuinely interact with locals, it demonstrates that the brand cares about fostering local creative spirit and ingenuity.

Julia Dowe
Design Creative

Image Credit: www.wired.com

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