The Business of Design – Starting, Managing & Developing a Design Studio

design studio MelbourneA Great Read for any Designer Considering Running Their Own
Somewhere inside almost every designer there’s a design studio principle waiting to emerge. For most creatives the idea of running their own show fills them with equal parts of excitement and dread – and for good reason. Having founded and run Melbourne design studio Storm Design and now brand strategy, design and communications agency Truly Deeply over more than two decades I’ve as good a grasp as any of the highs and lows that running your own studio bring. Recently I got a sneak peek at a new book called The Business of Design written and published by a couple of local, Australian design industry gurus.

The book is a brilliant read for anyone considering starting, or being in the first few years of running their own design studio.

I first met the Authors of The Business of Design Greg Branson and Carol Mackay more than fifteen years ago (how time flies). We’ve shared many of the bumps our industry provides over that time, which is why I was wrapped to see them taking the wisdom of their journey and turning it into such a comprehensive and valuable resource for the next generation of creative studio owners.

I’m an avid student of business myself, including being 2/3 of the way through an Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT in Boston. But the more I learn about business, the more clearly I see the many challenges that are unique to running a design business. The Business of Design is incredibly detailed, thorough and specific. It is without doubt the most comprehensive and relevant book ever published in Australia to cover this subject. Content covered includes:
• An overview of our industry (which I found hugely valuable even having been a part of it for 20+ years)
• Planning a Design Business (the business strategy every design agency should have)
• Valuing Design (I think the most important chapter in the book)
• Marketing your Business (the next most important chapter)
• Financial Management (the area most design businesses trip-up) and
• The design business model canvas (how-to create a differentiated business model)

The book is written in simple language, taking a billion complex business concepts and ordering them into a concise, logical and easy to follow read.

The Business of Design sells for $88 (I’d strongly suggest that would be the best $88 you could invest in your design business) and is available from their web site:

Greg and Carol also run the Business Design Council, a resource for design business – which produces a free monthly newsletter well worth signing-up for.

Dave Ansett
Chief Cre­ator of Brands
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  1. Hi Dave,

    Thank you for this post. I was given this book by a friend and it’s an excellent read for a StartUps as well as anyone in the creative industry.
    Have an open mind and never stop learning, that’s my motto.

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