facebook Leverages Brand Equity with their First Foray into Property Development

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Global Social Media Brand facebook is Developing a Resort-like Apartment Complex for Young Professionals
The 394 unit apartment development is being co-developed by facebook nearby its headquarters in Menlo Park, California. facebook has partnered with property developer St. Anton Partners and architects KTGY Group to build Anton Menlo on 10 acres in a redevelopment of industrial land that will be the city’s first major apartment addition in more than 20 years.

But more interesting from a property development brand and marketing perspective, the project sees the first example of a big social media brand leveraging the role they play in the lives of their customers to cross promote in the property category.

And it all makes so much sense.

facebook’s has an engaged ‘mailing list‘ of more than one billion users who already see the brand as being integral to their social life. Who better to understand how they like to live and facilitate a social lifestyle in the real world that’s every bit as enjoyable as the one they facilitate online? The Anton Menlo development sounds like it’s been custom designed for the always-on technology worker who’s already accustomed to the all-inclusive luxuries provided by the tech companies around silicon valley. The home-away-from-work, sets-out to be a livable version of facebook’s campus, including a communal kitchen, cafe, bodega, bar, bike repair shop, yoga room, personal trainer, dog day care and pet spa, yoga facility, convenience store, resort-style pool and spa, and rooftop deck.

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“Facebook is a strong supporter of its local community and consistently recognized as one of the best places in the world to work. This project advances both goals, by providing our employees an excellent new housing option within walking distance to campus while investing in new housing opportunities in our local community” a facebook spokesperson told CNET in a recent interview.

The complex is proposed to include 35 studio apartments, 208 one-bedroom and 139 two-bedroom apartments, as well as 12 three-bedroom apartments. facebook is subsidizing the cost of 15 of the apartments to allow for low-income housing (although being in silicon valley that’s probably a relative valuation).

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Already being nicknamed Zuckerville, the two year wait before expected completion will provide plenty of time to build a whirl of anticipation – not to mention a bucket load of ‘likes’ for the project. In a category that has found the going tough over the last five years-or-so, The Anton Menlo may be nothing short of a game changer. The enormous opportunity here is for developers to identify and forge genuine creative partnerships with brands who have an equally significant role in the lives of their target markets.

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