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Creating a Differentiated Brand for your Property Development
Anyone who has sought to develop a brand and marketing campaign for a property development project knows how difficult the task is to differentiate your project from the many others in the market. Whilst defining a clear value proposition is the key, finding innovative ways to communicate that proposition to market presents no less-a-challenge – especially when marketing budgets do not allow for a grand brand gesture. Well, we’ve recently come across this innovative idea; Moss Graffiti.

Inspired originally by the moss and type collages of gravestones, designer Anna Garforth developed a process that allows for the creation of large scale typographic and geometric designs with the living material, whose growth and flowering becomes a part of the constantly evolving piece.

Garforth says; “I enjoy the tactility of working with organic mediums and learning how to craft it into something else. no harmful toxins or bad fumes are involved. It takes me to interesting places both through the process and working on commissions around Europe. above all it gets a really positive response and people love it.”

Whilst Garforths work has been as much about art as it has about commerce, this geometric installation at Kings Cross in London shows the potential for the technique to be applied in a commercial setting such as a sales display suite. With so many property development brands built around a five star, green edge, a green wedge, or green hearted philosophy, this idea has a wealth of applications crying-out to be pressed into service.

If you’re looking for a strategically-led, creatively differentiated brand for your development project, we’d be only to happy to help. You can see some of our property work here, here or here, and get in touch with us here.

Dave Ansett
Chief Cre­ator of Brands
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