Creating Impact with Shocking but Powerful Advertising

Amnesty International Campaign

A powerful advertising campaign for Amnesty International – raising awareness for Human Rights

Around the world, every day people struggle to live with basic human rights of freedom and justice, rights that as Australians we enjoy everyday.

Recently the events in Syria and the reports of genocide have shocked me and got me thinking about the awareness and understanding of such world events here in Australia. The fact that this can happen in 2013 with international media coverage and the experience of history is frightening. Equally so, is the fact that awareness of the situation here in Australia seems to be minimal, certainly within my peer group.

Perhaps the news doesn’t have enough cut through to make people really aware of the situation that other people around the world are living with every day. Is the role of advertising even more important in situations like this where the world needs to be made aware of shocking reality?

The following advertising campaign for Amnesty International is shocking, moving and creatively brilliant. In 2007 this outdoor campaign was created by Switzerland based agency, Walker. The campaign was called ‘Not here, but now’. It was so shocking, that it managed to capture the attention of all passers-by.

The campaign uses real photographs taken of human rights abuse victims by traveling journalists from a variety of countries, these were placed into Switzerland’s surroundings.

Amnesty International Campaign Amnesty 2 Amnesty 3 Amnesty 5

This campaign is shocking but it’s important that people are aware of what is happening in the world. Maybe it’s time to consider an advertising campaign of this nature to bring awareness to recent world events?

Gemma Dittmar

Director of Brand Projects

Images courtesy of Design Taxi

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